We Are Getting Married

Ana & Steve

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April 9th 2022

We have met through a mutual friend. After praying and seeking God, we started talking and the rest is history. One year later, we are each others’ best friends, true loves and spiritual partners in life. Now, with God as our witness, we are finally ready to make a covenant with each other and share this great moment with you.

Ana Morais

Steve is a God loving and fearing man. I am truly blessed to have such a best friend and companion. His patience, kindness, honesty, generosity and strong will have conquered my heart. I love how he keeps his word and never gives up.

Ana & Steve

Steve Westhoek

Ana is a cheerful, caring and beautiful woman with an amazing talent to bring out the best of me. Together with her true faith in God her silliness, laughter and compassionate heart has truly transformed me into the man I am today.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Genesis 2:24

When & Where

We are looking forward to meeting all of you again.

The Reception

The Ceremony

The Party

Event Information

We understand that surrounding and during the wedding you may have questions. We try to answer them all to the best of our ability. If you do not find your answer below then please check the comments sections on the announcements and FAQ pages.


All of you have different budgets, preferences and flexibility. It is therefore impossible for us to give you all custom fit advice. We hope we can inspire most of you with a preselecting.


Please share with us all your experiences you had with us during our single lives. You can also post all your photos and videos made during the wedding.

What to Wear

The wedding venue is decorated with a combination of classic, modern and traditional styles. We advice you to dress accordingly but we mostly would like you to be comfortable.


We advice you to keep an eye on the announcements page. In case we have something important to share this is the place where we will communicate it.

Parking Area

For people arriving by car there is large parking area 2 minutes walking distance next to the venue. Beware of the uneven pavement. It may be difficult to walk on with high heels.


In approach to the big day we receive a lot of repeating questions. For your convenience we have bundled them here. In case you still have questions you can leave a comment.

The Witnesses

Our witnesses are available for you in case you have personal questions for us. Pedro and Elton are in the know of all our wishes and desires. At the venue Ana the wedding planner will present herself. She is available for all the practical and operational questions. We kindly ask you to only address your questions after checking the announcements and FAQ pages & comments sections first.



The bride's witness



The bridegroom's witness

Will You Attend?

Please let us know before the 28th of February if you will attending and with how many.

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